Spatial Analysis in Support of Development of the Kosrae Protected Area Network; by TNC April 2019

This report presents methods and results of the following spatial analyses to inform recommendations for improving the design of Kosrae’s PAN:
1. A gap analysis of Kosrae’s existing protected area network, with respect to representation targets specified by the Micronesia Challenge and in terms adequacy for protecting key fish species;
2. Spatial conservation prioritization to identify indicative priority areas for conservation.
The outputs from these analyses may be used by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Kosrae Conservation & Safety Organization (KCSO), and other state-level actors to assess progress towards state- and regional- level objectives for the Kosrae PAN, and to refine the design of existing and proposed Pas. Outputs, particularly the MPA Scorecards may also be shared with communities to support planning processes regarding the location and boundaries of individual PAs.

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