09 September 2019 | Data Story

FSM presented on training achievements in the Inform Regional Meeting, August 2019

The regional Inform project held a meeting to review progress towards building national and regional capacity to improve environmental decision-making through strengthening planning and reporting in the Pacific. The Inform project is mid-way through implementation and is taking stock of results achieved and hearing back from the countries of the progress in the new tools and processes being developed by the project to address the on-going challenge of compiling high quality data on the environment and making best use of it.
The regional meeting, was held at Sheraton Resort and Bungalows from 19-24 August, opened by the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Tofa Ulu Bismarck Crawley, who said, the Inform Project is mid-way through implementation, which means this is an important phase of the project since it started implementation in 2017.
On the second day, Tuesday 20th August 2019 –FSM Environment Data portal Manager, Mr. Snyther Biiza, presented the overview of the management hierarchy of the FSM Data Portal given the complexity of having different state governments as well as the advantages of the portal in FSM. More importantly, the success of the four states data portal trainings that were carried out in early June.
The aim of the presentation is to share the lessons learnt with participants of the 12 countries from the region present in the meeting as well as the benefits of the data portal in FSM.