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 Department of Environment, Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM), FSM

This thesis used a combination of sediment, coral, fish, climatic, and oceanographic data, and focused on the Pohnpei Lagoon, examining a range of natural and human issues in the marine environment both at the local level (focusing on that within the Pohnpei Lagoon) and regional level (focusing on the western Pacific region).

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This document represents a synthesis of the expertise, knowledge and views of leading experts in marine protected area (MPA) network design and implementation. It is intended to be useful to countries and their various organizations in helping them build effective networks of MPAs. Not only does it provide a wealth of real-life examples from around the globe, it outlines the steps necessary to turn political ambitions into reality.

 Department of Environment, Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM), FSM

A report that was prepared for the FSM National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan project