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 Department of Environment, Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM), FSM,  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Yap State, FSM,  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Chuuk State, FSM,  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Pohnpei State, FSM,  Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority (KIRMA), FSM

This is the Pacific Studies Series for CLIMATE PROOFING - A Risk-based Approach to Adaptation Report by Asian Development Bank, published 2005

 Chuuk State Government,  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Chuuk State, FSM

This law covers different sections as follows: Ban of Styrofoam, Single-use plastic shopping bags, plastic straws; removal of tin roofing fences along the main road; removal of abundant vehicles; importation of vehicles with 100k mileage, and so forth.

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Chuuk State, FSM

Special thanks to the other groups making this event possible.

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Chuuk State, FSM

May 25, 2019 At the request of the (OECMA) Oneisom Environment Conservation Management Association, EPA Chuuk held a workshop on Solid Waste Management at Truk Stop Hotel today. Mayor of Oneisom Municiapality, Mr Enrino Paul, Director of OECMA, Ms Evelyn Paul along with a number of coordinators from different Municipal groups attended the workshop. Concepts of waste management focusing on 3Rs, Segregation of waste, policies and regulations and Proper Disposal of wastes were some of the topics of today's workshop.