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Green Climate Fund Food Security

Project Managment Unit

FSM Department of Resource and Development

 PS12, Palikir, Pohnpei State, FM 96941

phone: (691) 320-2646 Fax: (691) 320-5854


“Climate-resilient food security for farming households across the Federated States of Micronesia"

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The FSM GCF Food Security Project is a multi-year project starting in January 2022 and is the first
comprehensive national effort to focus on increasing the resilience of FSM’s most vulnerable communities to
food insecurity in the face of climate change. The project targets all households in the FSM high islands
undertaking some form of farming approximately 68,250 direct beneficiaries (across the FSM with 63% of
Households (HH) conducting some form of climate smart agriculture (CSA) and forestry). The project
specifically works to improve technical capacity and coordination for CSA planning and policy, support
improved decision-making for agriculture through downscaled climate information, increase availability,
stability, and accessibility of locally grown food for food security, improve nutritional outcomes for vulnerable
households, develop new opportunities for income and household productivity, and strengthen climate
resilient value chains across the agriculture sector by implementing the following three interrelated
components: Establishing an enabling environment for adaptive action and investment; Enhancing the food
security of vulnerable households by introducing CSA practices, and Strengthening climate-resilient value-
chains and market linkages across the agriculture sector.

Component 1. 
Establishing an enabling environment for adaptive action and investment

•Institutional coordination mechanism
•undertaking descaled integrated vulnerability assessments
•Incorporation of climate change into state and national planning and policy
•Developing a network of farmer associations
•Disseminating tailored communications for informed decision-making

Component 2.
Enhancing the food security of vulnerable households by introducing CSA practices

•This includes establishing agroforestry systems
•Capacity building for extension agents
•Awareness building and training for FSM households
•Developing reserve capacity for climate disruption.

Component 3. 
Strengthening climate-resilient value-chains and market linkages across the agriculture sector

•Development of new markets for local agriculture
•Enhanced food processing and preservation
•Increasing awareness and consumption of local food

Implementation Arrangements

FSM National Government:
  Executing Entities (EEs)
  -Resources and Development 
  -Department of Environment, Climate   Change and Emergency Management
  -College of Micronesia-FSM
  *Project Management Unit (PMU)

Micronesia Conservation Trust – manages funds and ensure project management milestones are managed and completed.

Project Steering Committee 

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