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09 July 2021 | dataset

Pohnpei seagrass meadows

This dataset shows the extent and basic types of sea grass areas around Pohnpei. It classifies sea grass areas by one of the three main species (Cymodocea rotundata, Thalassia hemprichii, and Enhalus acaroides) and the level of coverage (describes as continuous, aggregated, and isolated). The data source is McKenzie, L.J. and Rasheed, M.J. (2006), Seagrasses: Pohnpei Island and And Atoll Marine Assessment, Technical report of survey conducted 26 October 3 November 2005, SeagrassWatch HQ, DPI&F, Cairns, 60pp.
The dataset is included the Digital Atlas of Micronesia, module Pohnpei, by Island Research & Education Initiative (iREi), in collaboration with Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI) University of Guam and partial funding from United States Geological Survey (USGS), under WRRI 104-B Program, project # 2016GU302B.

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Pohnpei seagrass - METADATA

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Pohnpei seagrass

geojson format

Field Value
Publisher Department of Environment, Climate Change & Emergency Management (DECEM), FSM
Modified 11 February 2022
Release Date 09 July 2021
Source URL
Identifier 9c5cc55e-6480-4e19-862c-a43c9703bbe6
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Federated States of Micronesia
Relevant Countries Federated States of Micronesia
License Public
[Open Data]