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Kosrae State Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2020-2023


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Kosrae State Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2020-2023

The KSDP is a four-year, high-level, document that articulates Kosrae government priorities and development sector vision along with specific targets for focusing workforce efforts and allocating resources. The aims of the KSDP include the following:
• Provide government and sector officials and leaders with long-term guidance for decision-making
• Communicate a prioritized plan to sector stakeholders for addressing a wide range of activities
• Provide a means for communicating government and sector priorities to Kosraean residents
• Provide a plan that donor agencies and development partners can use to better understand State priorities and decisions
• Provide State government and sector stakeholders with the basis for developing specific action plans and operational approaches for immediate implementation
• Complement Sector Plan implementation of prioritized activities