On September 17-19, 2019, the R2R Project Implementation Unit (PIU) convened a planning workshop in Pohnpei to review and assess the current progress of the project at its midterm phase. Delegations from the four States include project focal points, State Coordinators, technical staff, local NGOs, community representatives, other implementing partners at State level and affiliated key partners including regional NGOs, National and CROP agencies.

A fundamental objective of the workshop was to review the findings and recommendations of the project's recently completed Mid Term Review and invite stakeholders to provide feedback to the management responses developed. Facilitated by Mr. Floyd Robinson from the UNDP Pacific Country Office with support from the PIU, the review of the MTR management responses was crucial in securing strong ownership of the proposed post MTR actions by all relevant stakeholders.
In response to the MTR recommendations, UNDP's Regional Technical Advisor, Ms. Lisa Farroway, also facilitated a session aimed to review and refine the project's strategic results framework, particularly its indicators, baseline data, outputs and targets. The goal was to have a revised logframe that reflects priority interventions (at State and National level) that are realistic and achievable by end of the project.

The final exercise of the planning workshop was a State planning session where each of the four delegations regrouped to discuss and prioritize actions moving forward including project sites and specific interventions based on the revised draft strategic results framework. With such high level of autonomy to each individual state, it was recognized that the work planning will need to continue at States level to ensure that feedback from all relevant stakeholders are captured.

Participating agencies include DECEM, FSM R&D, State EPAs, KIRMA, DREA, Chuuk DMR, Chuuk DOA, Yap and Pohnpei R&D, MCT, TNC, SPC, KCSO, CSP, CCS, Chuuk State Legislature, Kosrae Council of Mayors, and community representatives for TRCT, Oneisomw, and the Pohnpei MPA Network Executive Committee.